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The Algonquin's New Artwork Wants You To Remember What Manhattan Used To Look Like

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April 17, 2012 at 9:07 AM | by | ()

Last week, we showed you a look at the new guest rooms over at The Algonquin. Lots of changes will be coming to this hotel in the next few months—from the lobby to the revamped Oak Room to the guest rooms, the interiors will certainly have a 'fresher' feel when the doors re-open on May 24.

But, as anyone who's visited here knows, this place isn't all about modernity. So to keep things in perspective, the hotel has installed an exclusive series of black and white photographs in all the guest rooms, which depict Manhattan as it was in the first half of the twentieth century.

The photographer, Irving Underhill, was famous in the 1900s for his iconic postcards of New York City. Though he was actually born in Jersey City, it was his portraits of the big apple that made him a household name.

For the series, the hotel will display one of four Underhill prints in each of the guest rooms, each of them depicting a different scene from around New York.

The above shot is actually of Times Square. And as General Manager Gary Budge thoughtfully pointed out, the W Times Square would now sit somewhere in the lower right hand corner. Sadly, we think New York probably looked better before all the flashing billboards and glass towers. But at least we know where to go to reminisce...

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Long time guest

I lament most the human elevator operator who was there for 50+ years. Algonquin has been favorite.