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5 Likely Reasons Why Angelina Jolie Stopped In At The Hollywood Roosevelt Yesterday

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April 17, 2012 at 9:23 AM | by | ()

Professional lip pouter Angelina Jolie has officially announced her engagement to Brad Pitt. And whether the two of them will live happily ever after trotting the globe with their ever-expanding caravan of kiddies remains to be seen. However, all she's really concerned with now is showing off that 16-carat diamond ring on her finger.

Photographers caught a glimpse of the ring yesterday when the actress made her way into the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. But what was she actually doing there? We know you're all dying to know. So here, as we see it, are the most likely scenarios:

She Scored a Deal On Hotwire

Everyone loves a bargain, and whether you're making minimum wage or you're the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, nabbing a room at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt for $122 a night is no small feat. Yep, that's the rate we scored a while ago during one of our routine Adventures in Blind Booking, and as we recall, it was a pretty awesome stay.

She Was Hoping for An Entourage Sighting

Over the years, we've spotted the Entourage crew at the Hollywood Roosevelt at least three times. And yes, it's true, the series has ended for good, but that doesn't mean us Vincent Chase fans (and yes, we're including Angelina Jolie in that group) can't hold out for a one-off sighting.

She's Signing Her Kids Up To Perform At Beachers Madhouse

The hotel's infamous circus-themed members-only nightclub, Beachers Madhouse, must be hiring for new Oompa Loompa performers. And now that she's about to tie the knot with Brad, Angelina is probably getting nervous about settling into a rote, domestic routine. So what better way to keep the kids out of her hair than signing them up to be regular performers in the Beachers Madhouse show? We bet there's an employee discount, which will likely save her from having to book on Hotwire again.

She's Scouting Suites For Her Honeymoon

The Hollywood Roosevelt managed to come in at #2 on our list of Sexiest Hotel Rooms Alive back in 2010. And we bet Angelina is just counting down the days until she and Brad can hop into one of the Cabana Suites for some all-night honeymoon romancing. Of particular interest to us is the luxurious daybed placed outside on the patio, which is perfect in case she and Brad feel like they need an audience for their romp in the hay. Which, we're guessing, they do.

She Mistook 'The Spare Room' For A Storage Closet

Angelina Jolie has a lot of clothes. No, we've never actually walked into her closet, but judging from the endless ensembles of designer dresses and coats she's always gallivanting around in, we're guessing it's the size of Antarctica. If not bigger. So it makes sense that she'd always be on the lookout for extra storage space. We wish we could have been there to see her face when she walked into The Spare Room and realized it was actually just a cocktail bar with antique bowling lanes.

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She was stopping in for a sandwich.  Or five. #yikes

She does look hungry...

And that bag is actually a special design by Hermes that's intended for transporting sandwiches.