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Woot! DirectTV is Rolling Out DVRs for Hotels

April 17, 2012 at 12:55 PM | by | ()

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and wished you record your favorite TV show to watch after you come back from a night out? We have, plenty of times. Especially if we forgot to set up the recordings on our TV back home.

It might sound crazy but we've actually wondered when the heck hotels were going to start installing DVRs. But it looks like we won't have to wonder any more.

DIRECTV has just announced their new DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels which will allow guests to pause, rewind, forward and best of all record from over 100 HD television channels during their hotel stay. Just like you do at home. It will even look the same (but of course, hotels are allowed to put some "branding info" onto the home screen.)

DIRECTV also offers an anti-microbial remote for guests to use too (We still hope housekeeping wipes down every remote anyways.)

Right now the Residential Experience for Hotels is in 110 hotels across the country, including a few Hilton Hotels. We'll be on the lookout for more hotels to add this amenity soon.

Have you stayed in a hotel with a DVR recently? Let us know where!

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Archived Comments:


Excellent news.  I wonder if the DVRs will wipe clean upon checkout or will I be able to spy what the previous guest was watching.


I need to find the HC story (ies) where I constantly asked for this exact feature...

Remote cleanliness or lack thereof

I still bring antimicrobial wipes or put the entire remote in a quart-size ziploc bag.  Who knows what lurks on those things?

Has anyone else tried the LodgeNet iPhone app? It works like a charm, and you only have to touch the hotel remote once to get the access code. Of course, the hotel TV system has to be LodgeNet for it to work.  Most Starwoods have it.

Old school Tivo

Way back when The Mondrian South Beach had planned to put in Tivos. Wonder how that worked out.

DVR platform in the hotel context

As we see most of us implement DVR systems at home, there could be the goal of remote access to DVR contents from outside the home. This DirecTV unit could be part of a cloud-assisted"remote-access" platform for our home-based DirecTV DVR where you can select content to be streamed or temporarily downloaded to this DVR so you can view it during your stay. This is important if you use a DVR to "pile up" on episodes of a TV show but find that your evenings while "away" are when you get a chance to watch them.

This could be something for LodgeNet and others to work with as a way to partner with DVR and set-top-box platform companies and link "home" and "away" effectively.