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The Secret Service is in Big Trouble at the Hotel Caribe in Colombia

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April 16, 2012 at 11:33 AM | by | ()

Some 20 Secret Service agents are currently under investigation right now for their bachelor-party like antics in Cartagena, Colombia before President Barack Obama arrived in town to speak at the Summit of the Americas last week.

At least 11 agents have been suspended without pay for their debauchery which was uncovered after one of them refused to pay $47 to a prostitute he hired. Yup, secret service agents are like regular hotel guests--they get drunk and look for hookers too!

The woman apparently squatted at the Hotel Caribe refusing to leave the room until she was paid. After police were called, the agent then finally paid up.

Despite this serious breach of security, sources told the NY Post that the crew under investigation was not part of Obama's personal security team nor were they the "advance" detail who scouts out a location before a president's appearance. Instead, they were part of a support group who do things such as "operate metal detectros, stand at fixed sentry posts and handle bomb-sniffing dogs."

Still, we bet this incident will probably prompt the Secret Service to finally put an official ban on booze and girls while working. (Kind of amazing they had never a rule like that before!)

If you're curious about the Hotel Caribe, watch the HotelChatter Video Tour below!

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