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Book A Room On Room 77, And You'll Be Rewarded (Handsomely)

April 13, 2012 at 9:38 AM | by | ()

We're doing our best to keep up with the ever-shifting landscape of hotel booking sites, but there's certainly been a lot to keep track of! The latest: Room 77, which made a name for itself by being able to match up guests with the exact room they want, is now allowing guests to earn loyalty points from bookings made through Room 77. In other words, you no longer have to choose between the convenience of window-shopping for hotel rooms and the satisfaction of using the hotel's loyalty program.

This harks back to a discussion topic we started in 2010 about whether it's possible to earn loyalty points for rooms gotten through blind booking sites like Hotwire and Priceline. The line was pretty blurry back then, as we're sure it still is now, but this looks like a sign that more hotels are giving in. What's more, all the friendly competition going on between the hotel booking sites right now means that guests are the ones who cash in. Who said we can't have our cake and earn points for eating it too?

But that's not all! Room 77 has introduced a few other perks as well: users can now uncover special advanced rates and pay at the hotel, rather than pre-paying on the website. Room 77's VIce President of Product Kevin Fliess explains:

"By giving travelers the ability to earn loyalty points and pay at the hotel, we've addressed two of the most common complaints travelers have about booking hotels online. The added perks and flexibility, combined with Room 77's exclusive Room Concierge service, create a comprehensive new travel search platform that should be the first stop for any traveler shopping for hotels."

Sure, we'll give it a go; Lord knows we'll be happy to swipe a few extra loyalty points onto our account. And when we're rolling in the points after multiple stays in our "perfect" hotel room, we might even feel obliged to come up with some sort of reward for Room 77. Though we'll have to think on that a bit first...

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