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We Benefitted From A Little 'Oriental Wisdom' At Asiate, And So Can You

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April 10, 2012 at 3:33 PM | by | ()

We were snooping around the Mandarin Oriental New York the other week just for kicks and we wandered up to the midtown hotel's sky lobby. Expecting some nice Central Park views (check), some snooty tourists (check) and maybe even a celebrity sighting (disappointment), we were about ready to head out when we stepped into the hotel's restaurant-in-the-sky, Asiate for a quick look.

And there, it hit us: like angels wrapped in silk sheets singing from the heavens, we were completely hypnotized by the soothing music playing overhead. It was like a cross between the kind of flow-y meditation music they play at the end of yoga class and that Bjork song, 'All Is Full Of Love.' We were instantly relaxed. We had to know what it was we were listening to.

So we made a beeline to the hotel's tiny boutique, located next to the spa, also on the same floor as the Sky Lobby.

There, a friendly sales attendant made a quick call to double check and then confirmed that the music playing in Asiate was part of the hotel's own branded spa music CD set, titled Oriental Wisdom. Hooray! Sixty more minutes of uncharted sonic bliss. Times three!

The set apparently consists of three CDs (Oriental Music Volumes 1, 2 and 3) that were produced exclusively for all MO hotels, and which each contain over sixty minutes of easy-listening, mood music and sounds that complement the spa experience. Though, interestingly, when we peeked inside the spa a few moments later, they had on some bogus classical music that didn't have us nearly as relaxed as the Oriental Wisdom sounds.

The CDs were even being sold in the little gift shop where the attendant worked, though, cheap digital age scoundrels that we are, we held off buying anything until after we'd completed a thorough search online to download the tracks for free (no luck yet).

So, back to Mandarin we go!

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