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What Really Happened at The Hotel Ritz During Last Week's Fire

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March 12, 2012 at 11:22 AM | by | ()

Contrary to alarmist reports last week, the Hotel Ritz in Paris did not burn down during that random fire that broke out along Place Vendome. True, the hotel was covered in large amounts of black smoke but we now know the hotel's interiors are safe...until the hotel closes down this summer to make way for its planned renovations of course.

A French reader emailed us the latest info on the fire:

Here are the latest news on the fire that took place in the parking on place Vendome in Paris. Fire has started mid afternoon on level 2 - this is where the Ritz valet are used to park customers' cars. Apart from one person intoxicated by smoke, no one has been injured but 30 cars had been burnt and per the latest news it seems that there have been only material damages in the parking. So far, no one is talking about damages in the hotel nor with the jewelers located on place Vendome. How the fire has started is still unknown.

Merci! While we're glad that Coco Chanel's suite and other parts of the hotel remains unharmed, we do feel bad for the owners of those 30 cars in the garage. We're guessing they weren't Priuses either.

On another note, we now know how to say "Sent from my iPad" thanks to our new French friend. (It's Envoyé de mon iPad.)

[Photo via Le Parisien]

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