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Public Chicago's Postcards Show Just How A List Their Public Was

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March 6, 2012 at 3:00 PM | by | ()

It’s not often a hotel minibar can tempt us with something we actually want to buy, which is why the minibar at Public Chicago made us smile during our stay the other week.

As we showed you back when the hotel opened, the minibar contains a Public-branded pack of postcards of film stars, like Dustin Hoffman as a bell man for the Ambassador East.

This time, we took the $10 plunge and opened the pack, tempted by a picture of Elizabeth Taylor. But if you’re looking for postcards that trumpet their origins, as we were, prepare to be disappointed – the hotel’s name is on a sticker on the pack, and nowhere on the cards.

Having said that, not only do you get a neat little clutch of glam black and white pics of the stars of yore – they’re all pictures of said stars at the Pump Room, or the Ambassador East. The same photos as you’ll find by the Ppublic bathrooms downstairs below the lobby.

Now that is one pretty neat souvenir. Definitely better than the our-sex-kit-is-better-than-your-sex-kit thing that most hotels seem to go in for.

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