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It Was Only A Matter of Time Before Someone Found Out The Chatwal Was Cheating On Its Taxes

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March 5, 2012 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

Haven't filed your taxes yet? Putting them off 'til the last minute? Don't worry—even if you rush through them, you can't possibly come out looking as bad as The Chatwal, who, it was discovered this weekend, have been quietly avoiding the huge expense of running a hotel in Times Square by pretending to be a church.

Though it sounds completely nuts and like something out of a bad Tom Cruise movie from the 90s, there is some logic behind it. You see, the building in which the Chatwal currently resides used to actually be a church, with pews, a priest, parishioners, the whole nine yards.

Of course, none of that has actually been a part of the scene here since the hotel took over five years ago. But that didn't stop the hotel from hanging onto the former church's tax exemptions—even while it was charging guests upwards of $500/night. Not very church-like, if you ask us!

The hotel, which likes to wow guests with things like in-room bartenders and oak-paneled suites, is now facing the music of millions of dollars gone unpaid in taxes. According to the Post, a loophole in the system has allowed other establishments to retain non-profit status even though they are very much for profit.

In 2011 alone, the hotel saved $1.2 million. And with that kind of extra cash, you think they'd be giving away more than just free coffee from the Lambs Club.

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