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A Peekaboo Porthole Pool at the New Majestic Singapore

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  Site Where: 31 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore, Singapore, 089845
March 27, 2012 at 3:13 PM | by | ()

There once was a time when this HotelChatter writer used to book a hotel based solely on the glossy photo of its pool. Those were the days of pamphlets, however, and now with the internet, we've got far glossier photos in a multitude of angles. Still, nothing beats actually being there, seeing a stunning pool and being able to dive in, as we recently did at The New Majestic Hotel in Singapore.

You've probably seen photos of the New Majestic before, without realizing it. The "floating beds" are frequent favorites of design magazines and it was named "Trendiest Hotel" by Tripadvisor in 2011, but the pool gets enough attention on its own. You see, it sits above the lobby and has three large porthole windows that allow guests downstairs to look up at swimmers.

It's not a lagoon, but the terrazza mosaic pool is large enough to get in a good swim and soak, and since the hotel only has 30 rooms, chances are good that you'll have it to yourself. We paid just over $200 for one night here, and were happy to find that as small as the deck area is, it gets many hours of full tanning-friendly sunlight. Surely the hotel's location away from the business district helps that—there's no skyscrapers to block the rays.

Tomorrow we'll take you inside a room. And (spoiler alert) there will be a "floating" bed.

[Photos: Cynthia Drescher for HotelChatter]

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