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Donovan House to Get De-Thompsonized by Kimpton as Well

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March 27, 2012 at 1:54 PM | by | ()

After we got word that Thompson Hotels was dropping the Hotel Sax from its collection for "not being up to brand standards", we heard that the Donovan House in Washington, DC is getting dropped as well for the same reasons.

And just like in the case with Hotel Sax, the Donovan House is rumored to be picked up by Kimpton Hotels, although we are unsure of when the changeover happens.

The Donovan House was created by Thompson back in 2008 out of an old Holiday Inn. But it's clear that Thompson will no longer be rehabbing budget hotels now that they've got parent company Commune Hotels fronting some cash.

Indeed, the hotel's recent acquisitions have been more upscale properties like Sutton Place in Chicago and the Hotel Victor in Miami. What this means for Thompson Beverly Hills, a former Best Western, remains unclear. But we think it's probably safe for now.

Also, for those of you keeping score--Thompson's DC presence drops to nil while Kimpton will have eight hotels in the capitol.

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