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Kevin Costner's Dunbar Resort Never Happened But Some Bison Did

Where: SD, United States
March 21, 2012 at 11:20 AM | by | ()

We knew that Kevin Costner liked hotels, especially hotel massages, but we didn't know that he liked them so much he was going to open his very own resort.

The key phrase, however, is "was going to open" because his Dunbar Resort in South Dakota (yes, named after his character in Dances with Wolves) never got off the ground.

But the failed resort has made the news recently because artist Peggy Detmers is claiming that she has not been paid for the gigantic 17 bronze horse and bison sculptures that Costner commissioned for the resort and which took her nine years to build.

During that time she claims she had to turn down other commissions and so missed opportunities, leading to a loss in her business. She is now facing the Hollywood actor in South Dakota Supreme Court over the contract they signed in 2000. In the contract, Costner promised to either build the resort by 2010, put the sculpture in another agreed place or sell it and split the profit.

While the Dunbar resort-- with its luxury hotel, golf course, winter sport facilities and an old-fashioned train which would pick up visitors from the Rapid City airport--never materialized, the sculptures were put on display at an interactive visitor center which sits on land. Thus Costner did fulfill his end of the contract by putting the sculpture in another place, if not the resort.

Still, Detmers says she didn't agree to this location and no doubt she's upset at the lost revenue from the sale of smaller bison sculptures which would have been sold at the hotel.

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Get the facts

Might want to get your facts right.  She was paid.  The issue is whether she agreed to the alternative placement of the sculptures.  She was paid $100,000 more than the contract called for and he paid all expenses - noted to be about $1.5 million.