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Can You Guess Lenny Kravitz's Hotel Hangout in Charlotte?

March 20, 2012 at 4:12 PM | by | ()

We know, we know. What a random acting role for musician/hotel designer Lenny Kravitz! Just in case you haven't been up and up on the "Hunger Games" madness, Lenny stars as Capitol stylist, Cinna, in the movie which premieres this weekend.

Yet what befuddles us hotel geeks more than this role for Lenny is rather where he and the cast were staying during filming.

According to the NY Post, Lenny's "ritzy" hotel digs became the "unofficial hangout" for his co-stars.

“My hotel room became the after-hours joint,” Kravitz tells The Post. “Any given night there you’d see me, Stanley [Tucci], Gary [Ross], Woody [Harrelson], Elizabeth [Banks], Josh [Hutcherson], Jennifer [Lawrence.] It was fun.”

You know what this means--it's time to Guess the Hotel!!

Hmmm...we're going to make some deductions here. For one, this is a pretty big film, so the cast was definitely put up somewhere nice. Also, because this is a pretty big film, we're guessing there's a sort of corporate deal going on with the hotel rooms so it has to be a pretty big hotel chain.

Lastly, the Post uses the adjective "ritzy" and wouldn't ya know? There's a Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte!

We're not sure if the hotel had suites to accommodate all the cast but we're guessing the big stars--Lenny, Stanley, Woody, Elizabeth, Josh, Gary and Jennifer all had suites which start at around 886-square-feet and has separate living areas and at least two bathrooms.

Rates for the starting suite category, the Parlour Suite, begin around $409 a night. Regular deluxe rooms begin at $329 a night.

Did we totally guess the hotel wrong? Correct us in comments below!

[Photo via Flicksandbits.com]

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Swank digs!

The real question is, are there any Ritz-Carlton's in the Capital?! ;)