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Thompson Hotels Planning Global Expansion, Starting with Cabo San Lucas

March 20, 2012 at 3:20 PM | by | ()

We hope you like these rooms, because there's more of 'em coming!

Yesterday's news of the sixth Thompson Hotel coming to Manhattan was surprising enough but not nearly as surprising as Thompson's expansion plans, which are no doubt being made possible by its new parent company, Commune Hotels and Resorts. (If you aren't up to speed, Thompson and Joie De Vivre Hotels merged back in October and their new parent company, Commune, debuted last month.)

Indeed, the company's CEO Stephen Brandman told us yesterday, "Global expansion will happen before you think." But it seems like it's already here.

Aside from 5 Beekman and the newly opened Thompson Belgraves in London, Thompson Hotels is also running The Sutton Place Hotel in Chicago (which will be relaunched as the Thompson Chicago in late 2013 after renovations) and the Hotel Victor in Miami (which will go by Thompson Ocean Drive after its renovations are finished). But there's even more.

The company has plans to take over a resort in Cabo San Lucas in 2014 which will be rebranded as Thompson Cabo San Lucas. The 114-room resort offers views of the famous El Arco and there are plans for about 60 condos to be included as well.

Additionally, Joie De Vivre has taken over the Seaside Hotel in Honolulu which will reopen as a JDV in December 2012, again after some renovations are done to the place.

But back to Thompson. Brandman says Thompson is going to keep going with their expansion push. "There's a lot of things in the pipeline right now." And these will be well outside of North America. Thompson Paris? Thompson Barcelona? Thompson Hong Kong? God, we hope so.

But two properties that won't be happening are Thompson Seoul due to a developer's change of mind and the Thompson Puerto Rico which was never officially announced anyways. Still, two hotels out of 15 confirmed ain't bad.

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