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Is Your Phone About To Die? Hop On A Bike At An Element Hotel

March 16, 2012 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

It feels like ever since Even Hotels announced their new brand of health-conscious, fitness-oriented hotels, we've been seeing similar amenities start to pop up in other places. Now, Element Hotels, known for healthy breakfast wraps, 24-hour fitness centers, rentable bikes and en suite kitchens, are installing bike charging stationsUnlike Even Hotels and Tryp's fitness rooms, these stationary bikes will be placed in the actual fitness centers, not next to your bed. Because, really, plugging your laptop into the wall is much less exciting when you're doing it in your room.

Since Element was originally launched as a place for business travelers to maintain a healthy lifestyle during extended stays, this new amenity seems like a perfect way to target that demographic. We're picturing type-A personalities, who manage to schedule it so that their phones die just in time for their daily workout. And then offer to charge other guests' devices by pedaling an extra 20 miles.

The new pedal-powered generators will first show up at Element Miami, with more to come.

[Photo: Element Hotels]

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