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Don't Tryp Over the Treadmills Inside Tryp's Fitness Rooms

March 13, 2012 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

We got a little fitness crazy last week—inspired, of course, by IHG's forthcoming fitness-oriented brand Even Hotels. And while we're excited to see the super-healthy rooms open in 2013, Even will by no means be the first hotel on board with the whole workout-in-your-room concept.

It turns out Tryp Hotels, which has a strong presence in Europe and South America, but is slowly making its way into major US cities, offers a similar amenity. When booking one of the hotel's Fitness Rooms, guests can choose from a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical machine, plus a complimentary exercise mat. Water and towels are provided too, but then again, what hotel doesn't offer those?

For a super healthy amenity, why not just go the extra mile and install a water cooler and a mini pool at the foot of the bed? In fact, why not just do away with hotel gyms altogether.

Our first concern with these Fitness Rooms is whether the space would be too cluttered, and instead of working out, would we just end up with scrapes and bruises from constantly tripping over the machine itself?

But according to the website, the Fitness Rooms are just standard rooms (with other amenities like free WiFi, robe and slippers, and a nice big work space) that have carved out a little nook near the bed for the machines. And though we know website pictures can be deceiving, we'll take their word that there is indeed enough space to actually move around those treadmills and get to enjoy the rest of the room.

The only outstanding issue for us is the price. With a Fitness Room in Madrid going for 151 euros, how will Even compete?

[Photos: Tryp Hotels]

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