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A Hot Tub Near the Helipad: Inside a Terrace Suite at The Peninsula Bangkok

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  Site Where: 333 Charoennakorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand
March 12, 2012 at 5:29 PM | by | ()

What do you think of when you think Peninsula Hotels? Chances are it's some combination of luxury, business travel, personalized service, Hong Kong, and helipads. For us, we've never thought of Peninsulas as being highly romantic or ideal honeymoon destinations...until we stepped out onto the deck of the Terrace Suite at The Peninsula Bangkok.

In a word: mindblowing.

Up this far in the high-rise hotel, near enough to wave up at any helicopters arriving to The Peninsula helipad (don't worry, air traffic is very rare), the views are unbelievable. But believe it—believe not only do the Terrace Suites have at least 180-degrees of Bangkok metropolis at your feet, but they've also got hot tubs, chaise loungers and a table out there. You could sleep outside if you really wanted to—but why neglect to enjoy a Peninsula bed?

Typically when you find a suite sporting a hot tub, there are other amenities it sacrifices. Not so at The Peninsula; the Terrace Suite boasts a full formal living area, dining room, separate office, huge bedroom, and huge bathrooms. And just when you've had enough of soaking in your swimsuit outdoors, there's the option to come inside, strip down and soak some more in a bathtub with views just as good.

The Terrace Suite can't simply be booked online; it must be requested with the hotel as rates average $1,900 per night. If you stay before April 8, 2012, however, there's a "Suite Life" promotion that'll get you the suite for two nights at that rate. At this point, we can only advise what Nike would: just do it.

Disclosure: We did not stay in this room, but viewed it on a tour of the property and thought it was awesome and that you too should have a glimpse of it. We did stay as a guest of The Peninsula in another room, while in Bangkok for another publication. All photos and opinions are completely our own.

[Photos: Cynthia Drescher for HotelChatter]

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Let me stay free and I'll write nice things too!

Why don't you write real news or at least acknowledge what the hotel "comps" you free?

It is an injustice to readers to read the "bull" your reviews spew out just because a hotel has given them free food and accommodation.


Whoa whoa whoa. We didn't stay in this room. It was a brief tour during which we photographed it and planned a story on our own without expectations. On previous Peninsula Bangkok posts, we disclosed our stay, which was in a much lower level room and also without expectations, and which was on a trip unrelated to HotelChatter. I will add a disclosure, though it has nothing to do with this story, really.