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Individual TVs and Plenty of Power Outlets At Sheraton New York's New Club Lounge

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March 1, 2012 at 10:35 AM | by | ()

 120 Sheraton Club Lounges around the world got an upgrade this year, and we just happened to have caught a glimpse of the one in Times Square yesterday during one of our routine Manhattan hotel inspection rounds (we don't actually do those, but it sure sounds fun, doesn't it?).

The VIP lounges are only accessible to SPG members, but regular civilians who want to cough up an extra $50-$150 (depending on the season) can also experience the lofty life too.

In the mornings, fruits, cereals and other breakfast items remain laid out until 11am; while in the evenings, dessert is brought up, hors d'oeuvres are served, a bar opens, and guests are invited to linger as long as they like. You see, at Sheraton, the Club Lounge is open 24/7—no weekday closings, no curfew. And because the facility is always available, they've made the new design super user-friendly with individual TV screens, plenty of power outlets all over the place, and of course, killer views everywhere you turn.

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One big change is the seating arrangements. Whereas before, the window seating was grouped into tables of four (meaning one person could individually hog up an entire table to themselves), the new layout creates bar-style seating. But instead of facing a bar, guests face unfettered views of Manhattan—and what's more, every chair gets its own power outlet, so you can sit and do "work" (we know you'll just be staring out at the skyline) for as long as you wish and never be asked to give up your seat.

Other highlights: individual TV screens installed at some of the tables; two (count 'em!) coffee machines to pamper Starbucks-loving addicted and non-Starbucks-addicted guests; plenty of little cozy nooks to sit, read, watch TV, or just watch the VIP world go by.

Oh and did we mention the views are awesome?

If you're an SPG member looking for a little sensory stimulation, consider this new promotion being offered by Sheraton through the end of May: any SPG member who books a Sheraton Club stay between now and May 31 will receive 1,000 Starpoints for each reservation booked. With that kind of wealth, you could be club-bing sky high all the way through the end of the summer!

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