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Autograph Adds A Few Vintage Pieces in Miami and New Orleans

February 9, 2012 at 10:25 AM | by | ()

Well, if it isn't Autograph Collection, inching ever closer to its goal of world hotel domination. Last month saw the brand add a second NYC property to its portfolio (the lesser-known, but architecturally striking Carlton Hotel); meanwhile, yesterday, it was announced that Autograph has picked up an additional three hotels—two in Miami and one in New Orleans.

Each of the hotels has some sort of historical significance. For example, despite a very recent opening, The Saint Hotel has actually been around since the early 1900s, and indeed, that New Orleans jazz heritage plays a big role in the hotel's artwork, public spaces, and general "Southern classic" appeal.

Also scooped up were the Winter Haven Hotel and the Blue Moon Hotel in Miami, both Art Deco relics from the 1930s with bright, big, show-y looks (the Winter Haven even has a "cruise ship-inspired staircase.")

Since Autograph prides itself on a "discerning selection process" to find what it deems the coolest and most unique hotels around the world, we feel like these acquisitions fill some sort of "historic hotels" quota for the brand. Rather than boasting the sleekness of a Cosmopolitan, or the grandeur of a Boscolo Budapest, Autograph probably felt it needed a bit of that vintage Art Deco Miami vibe to round itself out.

Interestingly, all three hotels in this bout have some sort of "blue" theme—literally and figuratively. We're not sure if they planned it this way, but The Saint's rooms are all blue-and-white, the Winter Haven has a complete ocean cruise theme, and the Blue Moon Hotel, is well, you get the idea.

Both Miami hotels are set to undergo some major renovations in 2012 to "ensure the historical attributes of the properties are preserved."

Because it's not properly "old" until it's new again.

[Photo: Autograph Collection]

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