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It's Probably Never A Good Idea To Sneak Up On A NYC Hotel Maid

February 8, 2012 at 10:54 AM | by | ()

The New York Times ran an interesting piece today on a contract reached between union members and the major NYC hotels that employ them. Among other tidbits, we learn that hotels will soon be providing employees with their own personal panic buttons.

The decision, clearly influenced by a certain scandal at Sofitel New York involving a certain IMF chief last year, is a sure victory for housekeepers and room-service waiters and waitresses everywhere.

As long as they don't get button-happy, of course, and start panicking every time a door slams shut. But still, the less we see of this kind of thing, the better.

According to the Times, the new agreement signed by hotel owners at "most of the big hotels in the city" provide:

" 'Devices to be carried on their persons at work that they can quickly and easily activate to effectively summon prompt assistance to their location.'

The devices, which will be distributed within a year to housekeepers, room-service waiters and even the attendants who stock the minibars, may vary from hotel to hotel for technical reasons, but all will serve the basic purpose of calling for help.

No estimate of the cost of the equipment."

Interestingly, this news coincides with the New York Post's article that serial art thief Mark Lugo (who has swiped hotel art on both coasts) is going to jail.

We know these panic buttons are really just intended for use against sexual predators, but there could be other preventative uses for them as well. Knowing how many weirdos and delinquents like to haunt NYC hotels, we're kind of surprised the devices are only just being introduced now.

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