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The Veil Has Been Lifted From Waldorf-Astoria's Presidential Suite. Now What?

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February 7, 2012 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

Barring the possibility that you're a former President—or that you don't mind spending $10,000/night—then you've likely never caught a glimpse of the Waldorf-Astoria's Presidential Suite. Why? Because until recently, the hotel has never allowed photography inside the suite.

Lucky for us, the NY Daily News has taken on the oppressive task of video touring the entire space—from gleaming top (the crystal chandelier in the master bedroom) to well-polished bottom (the black-and-white tiled bathroom floor).

Now, the goods are out in the open for all to see. So, what do you think?

FIrst things first: you've got to get past the cheesy muzak they play during the video. Put your speakers on mute or something, otherwise the too-cool lounge music will clash with all the textured rugs and rocking chairs that accent the spaces.

Second: we're honestly not even sure if we like it. Sure, it's impressive, and huge. But so is the Natural Museum of American History. And we don't want to live there, do we?

Guests at the Presidential Suite certainly would be amiss to expect any of the leather headboards, floor-to-ceiling windows, and frosted glass shower stalls that come standard in most modern boutique hotels today.

So, aside from the fact that US Presidents have been staying here since the 1930s, what else appeals about this suite? Well, if we had to pick one part, we'd probably go for the black and white tiled bathroom. All those mirrored walls! Sinking into the tub, we'd fantasize for a while about being President ourselves, then wake up and realize we're actually happier just doing what we normally do—we'll leave all the hard work to the politicians. They make it look so effortless anyway...

[Photo: NY Daily News]

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