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Inside a Room at Trump Ocean Club in Panama

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  Site Where: Corregimiento de San Francisco Calle Punta Colón, Punta Pacifica, Panama
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Because the Trump Ocean Club in Panama is built onto a coastal (and relatively affluent) strip of the city known as Punta Pacifica, there is a strange feeling here that you're surrounded by nothing except water—almost like you're staying at a resort.

And that's exactly the impression you're supposed to have. The building's butterfly design (which can also look like a "sail fully deployed in the wind," depending on where you're standing) allows for all of the rooms to at least partially face the ocean. Of course, certain views are more head-on than others.

Last week, we showed you a little design quirk hidden inside the mens bathrooms. Now, for a look at the actual rooms. Similar to the lobby, which actually spans from the thirteenth to the fifteenth floor, there remains that characteristically Trump contrast of a huge and imposing exterior comprised of many well-crafted intimate spaces.

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We left with a solid, mostly positive impression of the rooms. First up: the size. A Deluxe Guest Room (which is what you're seeing here) isn't really that big. And the choice to make everything (the bed, the bathtub, the minibar, etc) be out in the open was clearly intentional. Any added sense of enclosure would simply shrink the already-limited space,

But certain tricks—light colors, vertical lines, and plenty of mirrors—are used to make the room appear larger. And the quality of materials is so luxurious that when you're inside, you at least feel like the entire room has been built around you. The bathtub flows into the beds, which flow into the desk, which flows out to the balcony.

You might be able to survey the entire space in two seconds, but nothing here feels disjointed or awkward.

Another interesting thing here: the hotel is divided into four sections of five floors each. So instead of twenty identical floors, every fifth floor feels like an intimate five-story apartment building. This is ideal for business groups or large families, who require dozens of rooms. To start your day, you can all gather in the lounge area that punctuates each of these "sections."

As for the balconies: views here are pretty top-notch. As we mentioned above, every guest gets their own little slice of the beautiful Pacific, and if that's really not enough for you, might we suggest a quick trip down to the infinity pool on the thirteenth floor?

As with the rest of the building, interiors are dominated by huge windows, light woods, and lots of glass. In fact, the only dark space in the entire hotel is the lobby wine bar, called Cava 15 (which was actually designed to look like the inside of a Louis Vuitton trunk).

And the best part? Rates are low, low, low. Right now, you can snag a Deluxe Guest Room for only $219, which is a better deal than what the other Trump hotels are offering stateside. Get it while it's hot!

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