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This Can't End Well: Lindsay Lohan Returns to the Chateau Marmont

February 3, 2012 at 2:46 PM | by | ()

The oft-repeated saying in Hollywood is "If get in trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont but if you're Lindsay Lohan, a troubled actress whose every move is watched by tabloids, we'd say the iconic hotel tucked away above Sunset is the last place she should be right now.

About six years ago, Lohan racked up at $500,000 bill at the hotel while living at the hotel. Here's what she told Vanity Fair about the place back then:

"It's like a house, it's so weird. I'm like, 'This is my den.' Like, three people were lying on the second floor and walking up to my staircase." She catches herself and lets out a goofy laugh, "My Staircase!"

However, this time, Lohan won't have to worry about paying a hefty hotel bill. RadarOnline.com reports that an "artist friend" has loaned her his room while she finds a new place to live. But she will have to worry about nightlife temptations.

Radar is already reporting that Lohan was spotted going to the bathroom several times with a male companion and when she emerged "her nose appeared red." She was spotted only drinking water but eyewitnesses say she seemed under the influence of something. Lindsay denies it all, of course,

Whatever Lohan chooses to do recreationally is her deal but if she starts trashing the hotel rooms again, we hope her artist friend has a high limit on his credit card.

Looking for a glimpse of Lohan this weekend? Rooms are sold-out. Actually rooms are sold-out for pretty much the rest of the month but we did find rooms available on Sunday night for $435.

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I just watched this guy on HLN

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Who should I believe? Tabloids or CNN Reporter. LoL