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Two Hotels Open On Opposite Coasts Tomorrow With Rates That Are Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

February 29, 2012 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

Technically, we should have been reporting on these March 1 openings yesterday, but since today is a Leap Day, we get to suspend the pleasure just a little longer. And yes, there is a little pleasure to be derived from these two hotels opening on opposite coasts tomorrow.

Between the Hotel Indigo Santa Barbara and The Out NYC, visitors to California and New York will have one new place to choose from when booking their cheap, fun hotel stays. And since both of these hotels are so fresh, rates are reasonably low compared to other hotels in the area (in Times Square, for example, a typical hotel room won't go below $275, even in the dead of winter).

We loved The Out NYC's opening rate, which was offering some rooms for as low as $150/night; of course, you're likely to be sleeping in the midst of a big, gay party, but for some, that's more of an incentive than a deterrent. Meanwhile, Indigo Santa Barbara is starting out with rooms as low as $143/night—and though you shouldn't expect bathtubs at this hotel, the "living wall of plants" here has certainly got us intrigued.

Heading to either New York or California in the next few months? Let us know where you end up staying! And if there's a new hotel you feel we should know about, send it to us!

[Photo: Hotel Indigo]

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