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Beverly Hilton Still Feeling the Fallout From Whitney Houston's Death

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February 27, 2012 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

It's only been two weeks, but Whitney Houston's tragic death at the Beverly Hilton has split off into a dozen different tales of woe by everyone from Whitney's family to the guests at the hotel to the hotel itself. And no one is satisfied quite yet.

First, and perhaps most relevant after the contentious thread we posted last week: it was announced that the hotel has fired several employees who went against company policy by speaking to the press about the incident. Not because they had anything malicious to say, but the Bev Hilton generally didn't want its staffers spilling the beans on whatever was going on behind closed doors.

Because that's what Twitter is for.

As for the guest refunds: even after all the commotion, guests remain un-recompensed. Though really, if it was us running the hotel—and all this other crap was blowing around—we'd probably just relent, give them their money back and be done with it. For the Beverly Hilton, the guests from that weekend are only part of the massive headache.

Despite tightened security on the fourth floor, a photo of the tub Houston died in actually managed to surface—and caused the Houston family to promptly scour the room for any possible relics that might be snatched and sold to rabid Whitney fans. For anyone looking for some kind of souvenir from the incident, the best bet now is just to visit the hotel gift shop. A $2.95 Hollywood nail file should do the trick, shouldn't it?

Firing staffers might have been necessary in some way (for the hotel to cover its figurative derriere), but we still can't help feeling there's an aura of tackiness surrounding the whole debacle. It certainly can't be easy dealing with a pop star legend dying on the fourth floor of your hotel—and we mustn't forget the little detail of Clive Davis' party, which awkwardly and conspicuously continued as planned even after the death had been announced—but surely there are more discreet ways to handle these types of situations?

And the saga still hasn't really ended. TMZ reports that Houston's mother, Cissy, is planning one last pilgrimage to the room to make her peace and pray. One piece of advice to the hotel? Don't charge her for the visit. Otherwise, really, we'll have to start wondering whether there's a soul buried deep in the Beverly Hilton at all.

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