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St. Giles The Tuscany Is Sooo Done With W, Now It's Ready For A Makeover

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February 22, 2012 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

In 2010, The Court and The Tuscany were dropped from W Hotels like hot pancakes and left to meander off on their own. Now, The Tuscany is wiping the slate clean once and for all with its new multi-million dollar renovation project, set to be completed in August 2012.

The Tuscany's 123 rooms and suites will be outfitted with new hardwood floors and over-sized bathrooms, plus a "state-of-the-art" fitness center and a signature boutique filled with little Tuscany goodies.

And so the battle of the mid-range midtown hotels continues...but which one will give you a better deal?

From the announcement, it sounds like the new look will be a lot less "W" and a lot more...modern? Not that W doesn't manage to stay on top of the trends (to the point of exhaustion sometimes), but design-wise, things can start to feel kind of cookie-cutter when you're dealing with a corporation as big as they are. What the Tuscany offers instead is a simpler, more under-stated experience. And now it will have the digs to back it up.

This gives us yet another major renovation project in midtown Manhattan to keep our eyes on—the first being Westin's grand re-imagining of the classic New York Helmsley. Yes, the Helmsley is bigger than the Tuscany—and each cater to different crowds—but we're glad to see they're both gettin' some lovin'. Why hang onto the past when the future is so bright, wide, and open?

(PS. We feel we should add, since The Tuscany will be sending guests next door during renovations, that it sister hotel, The Court, has some pretty reasonable rates going on right now. A quick look at their website revealed rates for February and March as low as $159. We like!)

[Photo: The Tuscany]

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