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Last-Minute International Travelers Rejoice: HotelTonight is Going Abroad

February 23, 2012 at 4:45 PM | by | ()

We had a lengthy chat last week with Sam Shank, CEO of our favorite booking app, HotelTonight and the biggest question on our minds was---When is HotelTonight going international? The answer: They're working on it.

Shank tells us that international expansion was announced last November when they received their latest round of financing. We couldn't pry any specific cities out of Shank but we're hoping that London is at the top of their list. And it's about time our neighbor to the north, Canada, gets some HotelTonight loving too. We did, however, spy a job listing on their site for a general manager in Europe which has us super excited.

We'll be keeping close tabs on HotelTonight's expansion plans but in the meantime, the app is still expanding like gangbusters across the U.S., most recently to San Diego's beach cities and Palm Springs.

It's past noon now (when all the HotelTonight deals start showing up in the app), so where will you be staying tonight?

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