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What Is This At the Trump Ocean Club?

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  Site Where: Punta Pacifica, Panama
February 15, 2012 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

We have to admit, this is something that, when we first stumbled upon this at the Trump Ocean Club in Panama City, we actually scratched our head, and asked, 'Well, what is it?' But you've got it a little easier, as the whole thing—for whatever reason—shows up much clearer in photographs.

Yes, those are US pennies. With holes in them. Nailed to the wall. And when you step back from the wall, you suddenly realize that they...

Well, go on! Click below to find out what this is!

...form a large-scale penny portrait!

We re-visited most of our favorite Panama hotel art on Monday, but this piece definitely stood out from the rest. Unlike other paintings or sculptures, the piece is totally interactive—you can swing the pennies on their nail as much as you like, and they'll never come loose! Plus, it's a bit of a thinker, since, as we mentioned above, even when you're standing in front of it, it doesn't necessarily become obvious what you're looking at. Luckily, we had a guide showing us around the hotel, so we didn't have to stand there squinting for long.

[Photos: HotelChatter]

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