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Do You Ever Use a Hotel Alias?

February 17, 2012 at 11:38 AM | by | ()

Celebs do it all the time. We know that Justin Bieber likes to go with Chandler Bing, and Kristen Bell has used the more obscure Holly Frobisher. But have you ever used a hotel alias--and why?

Perhaps you're semi-famous or were up to no good during your hotel stay, hmm? Or maybe you just want to share a hotel alias you've seen a moonlighting star use.

Whatever the deal is, we want to hear all the dirt--go ahead and tell us your preferred pretend check-in name in the comments below.

In the meantime, we thought we'd start a running Celebrity Hotel Alias List right here, and add to it as we discover more. Thanks to the pictured back page of Allure magazine this month, we have a slew to start off with:

Kristen Bell: Holly Frobisher
Justin Bieber: Chandler Bing
Eve: Mrs. Sapperstein
Nicky Hilton: Snow White (as booked by sister Paris)
George Clooney: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Courtney Love: Rachel Zoe
Steven Tyler: a name from The Color Purple
Matthew Broderick: Jim Dandy (borrowed from Marlon Brando)
Stanley Tucci: Colin Firth
Wyclef Jean: Denzel Washington

Oh, and here's one we heard from an unnamed source that makes us cackle:

Elton John: Humpty Dumpty (when staying at a St. Regis, no less.)

Of course, these are probably all redundant now the stars have blabbed to the media. But, if you're star hunting, you could always just call the front desk and ask for them by name. You'd be surprised how many famous peeps use their real names. Super sneaky!

Don't forget to share your own hotel alias (or any famous ones you've eavesdropped on) in the comments!

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Not usually but now I'm inspired to start

I think if Justin Bieber can get away with Chandler Bing, I'd like to call dibs on Marcel the Monkey.