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Whitney Houston's Death at The Beverly Hilton Was Not Right, Nor Was It Ok

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February 13, 2012 at 8:45 AM | by | ()

By now everyone knows that our childhood idol one of the greatest voices ever heard, Whitney Houston, who lived a life full of superstar highs and drug addiction lows, tragically passed away on Saturday afternoon at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. And like so many celebrity deaths in this 24-hour news cycle and info-ravenous age, the details surrounding her death keep on coming.

Houston died in a fourth floor suite at the hotel just hours before she was set to attend Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy party at the hotel. TMZ also reports that she was found underwater in the bathtub, possible from a Xanax overdose and that her last night on earth was spent getting rowdy in the hotel bar.

As if that weren't sufficiently tragic, TMZ also reports that Whitney's daugher, Bobbi Kristina, showed up at the hotel hours after her mother was found dead and demanded access to the room to see her mother one last time. She was later taken away from the hotel in a stretcher and sent onto Cedars-Sinai to be treated for shock, exhaustion and dehydration.

While all this terrible sadness and drama unfolded on the fourth floor, there was a party going on downstairs.

Yes, Clive Davis, the man who discovered Whitney Houston as a teenager, decided to go ahead with the pre-Grammy party saying this is what Whitney would have wanted. Which we actually understand. What better way to pay tribute to Whitney Houston than with all of her fellow artists in one room? But it wasn't quite as magical as that.

For starters, the police sealed off the hotel room and obtained a search warrant for the room before allowing anyone, even members of their team, inside to investigate. This apparently took sometime because Whitney's body was not moved from the hotel until around midnight. Paramedics were first called to her room sometime before 4pm. Clive Davis' party began at 8pm.

That eerie scene alone was enough to outrage fans on Twitter but the Beverly Hilton's Twitter feed only further fanned the flames. After tweeting their sympathies for Houston's family and friends, the hotel went on to tweet pics of celebs arriving at the party without any commentary on the passing of Houston. There was a tweet of a limo with the caption "Who will be stepping out?". Minutes later, they tweeted a pic of reality star non grata Kim Kardashian and failed to mention Serena Williams standing next to her. And again, no mention of Whitney Houston.

Suddenly, the handful of people who were exasperated by Beverly Hilton's Twitter feed swelled to a much larger group. Fortunately, whoever was manning the hotel's Twitter feed that night stopped the silly celeb tweets after the Kim K picture and began to focus on the emotions at the party and around the hotel, including this pic of a memorial outside.

Celebs, and other guests, dying in hotels is nothing new, however tragic the circumstances may be. But it looks like now hotels may have to tweak their social media plans accordingly.

Meanwhile, we stopped by the hotel last night and it looked like business as usual. We expected more fans in front and memorials lining up and down the block. Instead, there was just a very small collection of flowers, candles and balloons at the corner of Santa Monica and Wilshire Boulevards. At least Whitney was finally given a proper tribute at the Grammy Awards last night.

And now we'll leave you with this video of Whitney's "Heartbreak Hotel" filmed at The National Hotel in Miami.

[Photos: WhitneyHouston.com and HotelChatter]

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