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Do Yourself A Favor and Make It An Ocean View At Westin Playa Bonita

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  Site Where: Km 6 Camino a Veracruz, Panama City, Panama
February 1, 2012 at 9:28 AM | by | ()

You're checking into your hotel. You're tired from the trip, yet excited to be somewhere new, yet disoriented by the unfamiliar scenery—often all at once. Without your wits about you, how are you supposed to determine which side of the building to request to get the best room view? Well, in the case of Westin Playa Bonita, let us point you in the right direction: between two options (Rainforest view and Ocean view), always, always pick the Ocean view.

We were lucky enough to get given a room with an Ocean view right off the bat. And sure enough, one of the first things we did upon entering our room was rush over to our balcony, slide open the door, and gush for a good five minutes (to ourselves) about how amazing the view was.

Facing south, the Ocean view side of the building looks straight at the Pacific. From here, you can see islands in the distance, watch the sun rise and set, and even spot ships queuing up to cross the Panama Canal.

Even more fun is the little peekaboo window in the bathroom, which, if you raise the blinds just high enough—and keep the shower door open—will allow you to keep gazing at the Pacific even when you're rub-a-dub-dub-ing.

When the afternoon light turned golden one day and we happened to be on the throne, reading a magazine, we noticed. And when fireworks erupted outside our room on Grand Opening night, and we were still in the shower, we saw those too!

In case you're still curious about what happens on the Rainforest view side, don't be. For now, the north-facing rooms back up onto—yes—some rainforest views. But along with those pretty trees you get a fairly busy main road and a bizarre depot of old school buses that we dubbed "the school bus graveyard." Which really and truly isn't the best of what this place has to offer.

Disclosure: We stayed here as a guest of the Westin Playa Bonita but all opinions expressed and photos are entirely our own

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