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Who Is The Hottest GM In the World?

December 7, 2012 at 9:43 AM | by | ()

Well, we've done it. Or, we should say, you've done it. Out of the 22 General Managers we started off with last week, representing a range of hotels around the world, you helped us pick a winner. And though there were many worthy contestants, in the end—after nearly 1,000 votes—it became painfully clear who had ultimately captured your hearts.

But what a difficult choice it must have been! Faced with such a mélange of dreamboats, however did you decide? Was it to be Hermann Elger, LA's resident smooth operator, referred to by one voter as "Bill Clinton's long lost brother"?

Or Rob Andrews, whose baby face, ginger hair and British accent made him the runaway teen idol of the group?

Or Mexico's blue-eyed heartthrob, Andreas Schmidt?

Or was it Sase Gjorsovski's sharp suit and piercing gaze that did it for you?

In fact, by popular vote, the world's hottest GM is...

That's right, you all named Sase Gjorsovski, from the Acqualina Resort & Spa in Miami as the world's hottest GM. And it's not hard to see why. On paper, the guy is every bit as accomplished, dedicated, and service-oriented as we hoped the winner would be.

And in person? Well, see for yourself. We sat down with Mr. Hottie himself to talk hotels, friendship, and, of course, being hot.

HotelChatter: Congrats, you've won. Who is the first person you will call?

Sase: My sister, since we always argued about how much time she spent in the bathroom beautifying herself. Maybe at the end I adopted some of that and need to thank her for it.  

HC: Have you ever been called a "hot GM" before?

Sase: I don’t want to sound narcissistic but the answer is Yes.  

HC: Why do you think so many people voted for you?

Sase: If you believe in yourself and enjoy doing what you do, then you create a positive energy that will help you look hotter than you really are in the eyes of many people. I am not sure if that is the reason for the many votes but it certainly is the reason for the lifetime friendships and opportunities that have come my way. [Ed. note: awww]  

HC: What is the role of a GM, in your own words?

Sase: To take care of the people, guests and employees alike. Create a positive energy with clear expectations in every single area in the hotel so that all of the teams are on their way to success. And create an unforgettable experience for the guests.  

HC: How do you think your life will change if you get voted the world's hottest GM?

Sase: I think I will finally start getting less intimidated by all the beautiful people in Miami.

[Photo: Acqualina Resort]

Archived Comments:

Math skills leave something to be desired...

No doubt Sase is one HOT GM.  Nonetheless, a cursory glance at the 'popular' vote made public (119 votes registered on the site) totaled:

R. Andrews:  24
A. Schmidt:  13
H. Elger: 64
Sase:  18

Yep, it sure was a clear winner.  But not the winner who was announced.  Of course, any time the words 'vote' and 'Florida' are used in the same sentence, you can just assume votes counted will not correlate with the final results.  

Fair and square

Florida actually had nothing to do with it! We received over 700 emails, which also counted as a big part of the popular vote. When we tallied up votes from the comments, emails, Facebook and Twitter, Sase was the clear winner.

Thanks everyone for voting! This was a lot of fun and we hope to run it again next year.