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More Than Balls On A Wall: Buenos Aires' Hotel Boca Made For Soccer Fans

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  Site Where: D Tacuari 243, Buenos Aires , Argentina, 1071
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Although not as popular in the US, it seems like the rest of the world goes bonkers for a little soccer. And if you're a fan of the fast paced game, you know not to call it soccer, but football. So with a rich history of football, it makes complete sense for Buenos Aires to open up the first football-themed hotel for players and fans.

Rest assured The Hotel Boca isn't a sports bar turned hotel with a few footballs hanging from the ceiling or framed jerseys adorning the walls.This is a modern and avante-garde designed property with all the luxuries we adore . Public areas and the two restaurants are themed in the blue and yellow of the hometown team, Boca Juniors, and decorated with memorabilia from the over 100 year old club.

Each of the rooms and suites are decked out with great design and comfy living space that would impress even the highest level athletes. The simple layout is complemented with pops of team color, but in a way that would make you think you'd walked into a 'superfan's' closet. Think tasteful, not gaudy.

Of course, carrying with the theme, there needs to be football on the TV; so flatscreens play an important role in lounges and waiting areas. There are current and flashback football games being played throughout the hotel, and an entire wall broadcasts live games. Add this to a handful of art pieces that reflect die-hard fan's love for the game and you have the perfect hotel for sports-lovers.

Rates start at 752 Argentine Pesos ($155) per night and includes a welcome drink and breakfast.

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