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Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Get It On At The Greenwich Hotel

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December 5, 2012 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

Oh man, Taylor Swift and her new boy band-er beau Harry Styles are, like, sooo busted. The pair were reportedly hanging out in NYC on Monday night—you know, just doing regular kid stuff like singing karaoke at Hudson Hotel. By 4am, the pair still weren't ready to call it a night, so one thing led to another, and soon they were back at Taylor's suite at the Greenwich Hotel.

What happened after that, we'll leave up to your imagination. But we're willing to bet it didn't involve more karaoke.

The next morning, paparazzi caught each of them leaving the hotel at separate times. Ah, the classic walk of shame, just like we used to do in college, except with dorms instead of expensive hotels. And nobody cared about taking our picture. Phew!

Need more facts? E! Online writes:

"Harry wore Ray-Ban sunglasses, a gray T-shirt (a different shirt than the one he was wearing when he and Taylor went into her hotel) and what appeared to be the same black pants and brown dress shoes. Taylor, classy little lady she is, ditched her black dress from the night before and changed into a fresh, new ensemble.

According to the eyewitness, the duo got into separate cars."

Interestingly, The Greenwich is a favorite of Taylor's ex, Jake Gyllenhaal. Though we highly doubt he crossed her mind even once the entire night. That girl's had so many boyfriends she makes dating look like hard work. Turn your head for one second, and she's holding hands with some new guy.

We give Harry less than a week.

[Photo: INFdaily / JustJared]

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