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Worst Hotel Hype of 2012: Hyatt Union Square

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It's that time of year again: the 2012 HotelChatter Awards! Today and Monday, we'll be showcasing the best (and worst) of hotels over the past year. But we couldn't do it without you! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or shoot us an email. And the Award goes to...

We've learned over the years never to take an opening date at face value. Case in point: the endlessly dithering Hyatt Union Square.

Regarding the hotel's woeful failure to launch, a recent commenter pointed out, "Ever occur to anyone that this part of town got affected by Hurricane Sandy and had no light for 10 days (among other things)?" And she makes a valid point. Surely, NYC has bigger things to worry about than a stalled Hyatt hotel (which the commenter says will eventually "open with a bang"....hmm, we'll see about that!).

Trouble is, we've been waiting for this place to open for well over two years now. So while some of the blame can reasonably be placed on Sandy, we're thinking the problem goes back further than that.

In fact, the hotel was scheduled to open in July—NYC & Co even said so—but that date came and went with no sign of a website or reservations being taken. And now, six months later, not much progress has been made.

From what we know, the interior design was implemented months ago. The hotel's representatives continually allege an opening date is "coming soon," but we've heard that line enough times now that we don't pay it much attention.

Yet, when we walk by the building itself, from the outside at least, things look done. The scaffolding has been off for a while now, and there's no sign of construction equipment. So what's the hold up? No, seriously, we'd actually like to know.

For now, we'll keep holding Hyatt to their promised March 2013 opening date, with a vague, vague glimmer of hope that we might just end up walking inside this place before March rolls around. But we won't be holding our breath.

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