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Fontainebleau Hotel Heir's Killer Gets Life In Prison

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Narcy Novack, wife of Fontainebleau hotel heir Ben Novack, was sentenced to life in prison yesterday for plotting the murder of her wealthy husband and his mother Bernice in July 2009.

Ben Novack, 53 at the time of his death, was the son of Ben Novack Sr., who built Miami Beach’s famed Fontainebleau hotel in 1954, a Collins Avenue institution that has seen everyone from the Rat Pack to Juvenile.

In a twisted, mind-boggling crime that involved hit men, Narcy Novack and her brother Cristobal Veliz were eventually convicted of the murder of Ben Novack at the Hilton Rye Town hotel. The details are gruesome and said to be the final revenge from Nancy’s year’s of suffering through Ben Novack's sexual perversions and notorious cheating, including a long-time affair with a former porn star and prostitute.

Narcy's long list of charges include domestic violence, stalking, money laundering and witness tampering in order to gain fortune.

Both Narcy and her brother, who had been thick as thieves before this drama, quickly turned on each other once court proceedings began, blaming each another and anyone else they could find for the crime.

Under Ben Novack Jr.’s will, in the event of his death, his 86-year old mother Bernice would be appointed curator of his estate and receive $200,000 in cash plus $2,500 per month for living expenses. Narcy would receive the remainder of her husband’s $10 million estate, but as curator, Bernice is sure to have made it difficult for the daughter-in-law she once said tried to poison her. Hence, the reason for a double murder, with Bernice being beaten to death in Fort Lauderdale by hit men supposedly hired by Narcy after Ben was killed.

A good amount of the estate will now go to Narcy's two grandson's by daughter, May Abad. Abad herself won't inherit any money (she was Novack Jr's stepdaughter) because she was named by Veliz (yes, her uncle) in the trial as a mastermind behind the killings. Though dismissed, she gets bupkiss.

The convoluted case was wrapped up yesterday with Narcy refusing to appear in the courtroom for her sentencing, inciting the judge even further.

Meanwhile, the Fontainebleau hotel lives on as one of Miami's premiere party hotels, not letting this black mark sully its pretty white facade (and $179 a night rates for the month of December!).

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