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Man Dies By Falling Down The InterContinental Chicago's Smokestack

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December 13, 2012 at 3:07 PM | by | ()

Chicago woke up to some sad news this morning, with the Tribune reporting that, during the night, 23-year-old Nicholas Wieme fell down and got trapped in the smoke chute of the InterContinental Chicago. Apparently, after he'd fallen, Wieme was still able to text his girlfriend and ask for help, but by the time firefighters got him out of the chute, it was already too late.

A WGN reporter explained:

"The 23 year old man's girlfriend told fire officlals he went up to the rooftop to take pictures at around 1am. That area is not open to the public, and it's not clear how he gained access, or wound up trapped in the shoot about 22 feet down."

It sounds like the rescue team did literally everything they could--the Tribune reports that 125 firefighters and paramedics showed up at the scene, though once the situation had been properly evaluated, it was clear that removing Wieme was not going to be an easy task.

A Special Operations officer on the scene explained that they were eventually able to "slide the victim down into the hole and remove him from the building."

As the TV reporter points out, no one really knows how Wieme was able to get up there, considering the roof is closed off to the public. But obviously, this is certainly not the outcome he was hoping for. And for the rest of you daredevil hotel photographers, please be careful! A killer view is never worth risking your life.

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