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Get Ready, CNBC Is Taking Us 'Behind Closed Doors' At Marriott Tonight

December 12, 2012 at 9:58 AM | by | ()

We gotta admit, we're both excited and relieved about the hour-long special airing tonight on CNBC, called Behind Closed Doors At Marriott. Excited because, well...hello! We're hotel geeks, so a hotel documentary is like winning the TV jackpot. And relieved, because maybe our obsession with hotels isn't as obscure as we once thought.

Marriott has always fascinated us, just because of how freakin' huge they are. Arguably the largest international hotel chain on earth, the company owns not five, not ten, but eighteen distinct brands, from Ritz-Carlton to Renaissance to Autograph Collection to Courtyard by Marriott...the list goes on.

Running a mega empire like that can't be easy, which is likely what inspired CNBC to produce this doc in the first place. And judging from the two-minute teaser clip, reporter Scott Wapner certainly seems to have done his homework...

Focusing on Marriott's legacy as "an American nameplate" that has "played it safe while also taking huge, calculated risks," Wapner will be showing scenes from various Marriott properties around the world. Like the 1,400-room Marriott New Orleans, and its kitchen that generated over $300,000 in revenue on the day Wapner visited. Or the interview with a Marriott executive explaining "the strange science of hotel pricing."

Apparently, the exec told Wapner, "If there’s money that we missed on the table, it hurts me.  I feel physical pain." Well, we think we'll feel physical pain if we miss this totally nerdy but awesome documentary!  

Among some of the show's other highlights will be an interview with 81-year-old, former CEO Bill Marriott, who, as some of you remember, retired in late 2011. CNBC reminds us of Marriott's humble beginnings:

"In 40 years, Mr. Marriott has converted his father’s food company, which began as a single root beer stand, into the world’s largest publicly traded hotel corporation."

A lot has changed in 40 years, and now with successor Arne Sorenson running the company, Marriott doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. Which gives us even more reason to pay attention to a company that runs over 3700 hotels—and growing! Plus, if we can sneak a few money-saving tips on booking rooms, then so much the better.

Behind Closed Doors At Marriott airs tonight at 9pm EST on CNBC.

Do you plan on tuning in tonight? If so, share your thoughts in the comments below!

[Photo: Marriott New Orleans]

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