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Break Out The Skates! Ice Rink Opens At LA's Hyatt Regency

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November 16, 2012 at 2:06 PM | by | ()

The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza made a splash yesterday by reminding us that Los Angeles does indeed celebrate winter – sort of – with the opening of a 3,000 square-foot tech-no-logic ice rink. Yeah, it's not really an ice rink, but it's about as close as Southern California and the Golden Coast are going to get.

The hotel had a big year in 2009 upgrading its cabanas, installing an infinity pool, and dealing with a Dennis Rodman debacle. We also had a few drinks with readers at its X BAR in 2010, but it has been a bit quiet ever since, something we knew could not continue given its terrific location downtown near Rodeo Drive on Avenue of the Stars. So this rink is good news.

The rink is a hybrid version of the traditional (you know, one actually made of ice) that utilizes non-refrigerated synthetic ice made from recyclable polymers. The synthetic ice works with real ice skates because a non-toxic glide enhancer is sprayed on the surface and reacts with the heat generated by the steel blade to create a gliding action.

Ah, spray on – how LA of them!

The rink is a complimentary amenity for guests and is open to the public ($10 for one hour or $20 for an all-day pass). We applaud the winter spirit, for sure, and it's great to hear that Hyatt will be donating 30% of the proceeds between November 15 – 25th to the LA Chapter of Make A Wish.

We anticipate this to be a big draw for families during the holiday season, and will be curious to hear reactions from guests. Hyatt ensures us that the quality of a guest's stay will not be affected by the influx of the crowds to the property, and we hope that turns out to be the case.

Rates for the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza start at $179/night.

[Photo: Hyatt Regency Century Plaza]

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