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Bettor Believe It! Atlantic City Casinos and Hotels Are Open Again

November 6, 2012 at 9:19 AM | by | ()

Last we heard, Atlantic City had completely shut down in preparation for the storm, ordering casinos to terminate gambling and hotel guests to be evacuated. That was last Sunday.

Over a week later, much of the Jersey Shore has been devastated, and the Atlantic City boardwalk has all but disappeared, but casinos and hotels are starting to open up once more.

For starters, Revel re-opened on Saturday at noon, with the following words:

"Revel sustained minimal damage and although our team is fully ready, we have elected to reopen tomorrow to allow for residents to return to their homes. We are grateful to our staff for their continued support"

The 740-room Golden Nugget, which recently completed a major $150 million renovation in April, was the first casino to re-open after the storm. In fact, owners were so anxious to get gamblers back in the building that the doors were flung open within hours of Governor Chris Christie's official go-ahead on Friday.

Following suit, The Borgata was open by 4pm on Friday, and others (the Tropicana, both Trump casinos, Bally's, Caesars) all eventually did the same. The last one to re-open today was the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel.

Rates are looking reasonable, with rooms at Revel going for $149 and at Caesars for $79/night.


Despite one hotel reassuring us that the damage to AC isn't as bad as the media has shown, from the sound of this Time article published on Thursday, we're not entirely convinced:

"Atlantic City is a shell of itself. The dozen towering casinos weren’t too damaged by the storm, but they sit closed until the gamblers with deep pockets roll back in.

The streets are littered with tree branches, apartment siding and smaller debris that was picked up by the surge as it moved inland, but cleanup crews are clearing more paths every few hours."

Sad, sad, sad.

Things did turn out well for at least one visitor to The Borgata, who reportedly won a $1.5 million jackpot on a penny slot machine. Talk about a silver lining! We'll be hopping over soon to take a look with our own eyes, though.

What about you? Does this news make you want to jump in the car and blow a few hundred dollar bills at the blackjack table? Or are you going to wait it out 'til AC is in better shape? Share your thoughts below!

[Photos: HotelChatter; Matt Slocum / AP]

Archived Comments:


I am only seeing this article now, and it makes me really angry!

I am normally enjoying the articles on this site, but as a frequent visitor to AC, this evil attempt of disinformation makes me think a lot less of it.

The Boardwalk HAS NOT BEEN DAMAGED AT ALL (I repeat: not at all!) by hurricane Sandy in Oct 2012.

The above picture is NOT SHOWING THE BOARDWALK, but instead another part from around the corner, and this end of it had been in decay for a very long time. This picture might as well have been taken in 2010 or before, who knows. But I guess somebody sold it post Sandy and made a lot of money claiming it was showing the actual Boardwalk.

The Borgata had 2 or 3 lower windows broken (not in guest rooms but in maintenance rooms), that was it.

Many residents' homes have been flooded, among them many casino employees' homes, yes, that was a disaster. But the casino buildings had no damage that would make any difference in a visitor's experience.

I am angry because just last week I saw a question on the AC forum (Tripadvisor) asking whether it would be a good idea to visit AC already (after Sandy) or whether they would need more time (to rebuild).

This is outrageous what this misinformation did! People outside the area are not coming because of pictures like the above, because they were fooled and made believe this was a storm damage by Sandy.

AC is hurting big time, and this campaign is not helping at all, in fact, it kills them more, and I wonder who is behind this.