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3 Hotels That Are Rewarding Voters This Election Day

November 5, 2012 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

Getting ready for the big day? Well, so are hotels. Below, we've highlighted three of the best Election Day specials we've come across. Got a suggestion for another? Shoot us an email, or write it in the comments below!

Hotel Monaco Portland, who as we know has a good sense of humor, isn't picking sides this election, but they sure are curious about who you're voting for! Those staying at the hotel on Tuesday November 6 (that's tomorrow, y'all!), cast your vote* at the Front Desk, and if your candidate gets elected, you'll receive $45 off your bill at check-out.

Of course, you want your candidate to win because the future of a nation hangs in the balance. But in the meantime, you may as well get some savings out of it too!

Angler's Boutique Resort is taking a decidedly boozy approach to the election. Nevermind who wins. Anglers just wants you to vote, and then feel good about yourself for doing so. The hotel is offering free wine or beer to anyone who walks into 660, Angler's' restaurant and bar, with an "I voted" sticker. Easy as that!

Meanwhile, the San Juan Marriott (pictured) is running an Election Day flash sale, which asks people to post pictures proving they voted (show off your "I voted" sticker, pose in front of the voting stand, etc) on the resort's Facebook (post it to SJM's specific page) or Twitter (@SanJuanMarriott) pages. Why mess with social media on such a serious day? Because if you do, Marriott will send you a secret code to receive 20% off your next booking at the resort, valid for stays until December 26, 2012.

*Of course, this shouldn't substitute for actually trekking to the polls and properly voting. And on that note, whether you find yourself in Portland, Miami, San Juan, or ANYWHERE in the US, don't forget to vote!

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