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Fiji's Underwater Hotel Could Be A Nightmare for Claustrophobics

November 30, 2012 at 9:47 AM | by | ()

Back in 2006, we reported on an underwater hotel being built in Fiji known as Poseidon Resort Mystery Island. Though, aside from a few other press reports and a dinky little photo, details were a little, er, mysterious.

Now, things seem to be picking up again for the all-suite, bubble-shaped hotel 40 feet below the surface. Last week, Design-Milk posted a bunch of new photos of the place, showing off the hotel's en suite aquariums, and shimmer-y public spaces. The article states:

"The company has completed all of the necessary design and engineering for the subsea structures and is currently working to secure the capital necessary to begin construction."

It goes on to say the resort will take two years to complete once construction begins. Which means, we might end up seeing a race to the finish between this place and Dubai's much larger, even more elaborate Water Discus Hotel.

Last one to build an underwater hotel is a rotten turtle egg!

In addition to the 25 suites, spa, revolving restaurant and wedding chapel (yes), the guests will also be able to "pilot one of four 1000-foot capable, 3-passenger personal submarines."

Again, awesome. But for the claustrophobia-minded hotel geeks out there, this could easily be the equivalent of making them sleep in a tank full of sharks.

What about you? Is this somewhere you would stay? Let us know in the comments below!

[Photo: Design-Milk]

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@FieldGrey on Twitter

"This makes me feel excited and ill at the same time!"

Awesome view, but...

I'd have one eye open and couldn't sleep for imagining drips of water on my forehead.

I love it

How relaxing would this be! I'd love to stay here.

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