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The Hottest GM, Round Four: International Hotties

November 30, 2012 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

UPDATE: Voting has now closed for the individual categories. Head over here to pick your favorite from the four finalists, and help us name the world's hottest GM!

This week, we're taking some time to highlight the world's hottest hotel General Managers. Why, you ask? Because there are some seriously sweet GMs out there, and we feel it's our duty to give them the love and attention they deserve. Well, not in that way...but, er, you get the idea.

Here's how it works: each day, we'll present a selection of handsome GMs for you to ogle. Pick out your favorite by voting in the comments or send us an email. At the end of the week, we'll tally the votes and come up with four finalists from four categories (NYC, Miami, California and International). Then, we'll narrow it down even further and ask you to help us pick the single hottest GM in the world. The competition is fierce, and the polls are officially open.

Are you ready to vote?

So far, we've seen worthy contenders from the Big Apple, Miami and California. And now today, it's onto...Round Four: International.


· Name: Alex Varlik

· Hotel: Georges Hotel, Istanbul

· What's special about him? Alex was the son of a Turkish artist, spent his childhood in France, and went on to study law at the Sorbonne. Several years back, with his business partner Kerim Kamhi, he founded the Georges.

· Why we dig the hotel: 20-room boutique hotel right in the heart of Istanbul's cultural center; many rooms feature views of the Bosphorous and Golden Horn. Oh, and how 'bout this rooftop terrace?

· Verdict: Brains and beauty. The hot leather jacket is just a bonus.


· Name: Andreas Schmidt

· Hotel: Le Blanc Spa Resort, Cancun

· What's special about him? Nevermind Andreas' flair for developing policies, increasing revenue, negotiating contracts, blah blah blah. Our sources tell us he's also a chef.

· Why we dig the hotel: Last year, we featured this place in our list of "5 All-Inclusive Resorts That Don't Feel Like All-Inclusive Resorts." Here's why.

· Verdict: We wouldn't mind tasting this guy's enchiladas.


· Name: Bart Spoorenberg

· Hotel: Castello di Casole, Tuscany

· What's special about him? Bart's previously worked for Starwood's specialty boutique brand, Luxury Collection in Sardinia, as well as the St Regis New York. Clearly, this guy knows how to get around.

· Why we dig the hotel: A 4,200 acre estate in Tuscany with 28 private farmhouses, 10 villas and a restored 10th century castle? Yes.

· Verdict: A hottie with friends in all the right places.


· Name: Leon Baum

· Hotel: Stafford Hotel, London

· What's special about him? Sources tell us Leon "knows how to wow men and women alike." We'll assume they're just referring to his skills as a GM. He also recently bungee jumped for charity in an event called "Toss Your Boss."

· Why we dig the hotel: Since Kempinski took this place under its wing, the hotel's benefitted from a £6 million renovation. Very English, indeed.

· Verdict: We wouldn't mind being strapped to this looker and thrown off a bridge!


· Name: Luca Finardi

· Hotel: Grand Hotel Timeo, Taormina

· What's special about him? This guy's more Italian than a plate of pappardelle prepared on the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

· Why we dig the hotel: Earlier this year, Josh Flagg ranked this as one of the best hotel pools in all of Italy.

· Verdict: La vita è bella. And so is this heartthrob.


· Name: Mark Stevenson

· Hotel: Trump Ocean Club, Panama

· What's special about him? After traveling most of the world, Mark is able to strike up an easy, relaxed conversation with pretty much any guest that walks through Trump's doors. On top of that: he helped open what is now considered one of the top two hotels in Latin America.

· Why we dig the hotel: A butterfly-shaped (or sail-shaped, depending on where you're standing) property right on the Pacific Ocean, with an infinity pool and a wine bar designed to resemble the inside of a Louis Vuitton trunk.

· Verdict: Hotter than a hot air balloon drifting over the Panama Canal.


· Name: Stephan Post

· Hotel: Orient-Express Palacio Nazarenas, Cusco

· What's special about him? He's a runner, a foodie, a multilingual single dad, and he runs an Orient-Express hotel. We like.

· Why we dig the hotel: Opened just five and a half months ago, this 55-suite property sits 11,000 feet above sea level, and suites are even oxygenated to help guests acclimate to the air pressure difference. Oh, it's also got Cusco's first-ever hotel pool.

· Verdict: Hotter than an Inca fire ceremony.

Ready to vote? Just drop a name in the comments below, or send us an email! The world is only big enough for one Hottest GM—and it's up to you to decide!

[Photo: HotelChatter; inset, Croquislife]

Archived Comments:

Have to say it. Cliche and All.

One vote for the TURKISH DELIGHT!
Hellloooo, Alex!

A vote for Stephan

Definitely. The glasses!


How can you beat those eyes that match the ocean behind him?! Andreas please!


With those baby blue eyes...there is no better choice for hottest GM!

Andreas by a mile!!

My wife thinks he is hot, hot, hot!!!!!!!!

Leon Baum

I'll go bungee jumping with him!

Andreas Schmidt takes the cake!

How can you choose anyone else? Tell me. How?

Vote for Andreas Schmidt!

Andreas Schmidt is our guy!!!!!

Can get any hotter that Mr. Schmidt.....caliente!

Andreas Schmidt for President!

Amazing hotel with an amazing GM!

Andreas Schmidt

My vote is for Andreas Schmidt!!

Luca Finardi

Don't usually go for bald guys, but Luca has something...

Andreas, bien sur

Andreas BIEN SUR. The captain of  five star experience.


Delish in every photo I could find online. Hmm. May have shared too much.


Tough decision between Alex and Bart... But Türkye ve Turk seviyorum... Evet! Alex gets my vote! If he is single too.... Oi oi oi! I am booking a flight to visit fellow hoteliers!

Andreas is my vote!!!


I vote for Andres! He is wonderful!

Leon is our Guy

Leon Leon Leon Leon... all the Egyptian ladies are screaming

Leon Baum is sexy!


One of the best in biz, and too cute! :)

Andreas Schmidt "The Best of the Best"

My vote goes for Mr Andreas Schmidt
Is there any other option? He is the Best Manager!!

Hot Hot Hot!!!

Leon Baum is "hot"! Clark Kent style!


He really knows the meaning of luxury and the Italian lifestyle.


Leon is the winner!!! Hands down, hot and hospitable too!!! My clients and I love him!!!!!Kempinski is so lucky to have him.  Rturpin

No doubt about it, LEON.....

Leon is fabulous! He definitely deserves the title. Gorgeous inside and out.


Definitely Leon Baum

 Sure leon is the Hottest gm ever , awesome , lovely , decent , warm ,and gorgeous , leon leon leon ;  

stephan post


Sexy, cute, kind and fun - Leon get's my vote!