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Hotel Tales From Two NYC Marathon Runners

November 3, 2012 at 12:45 PM | by | ()

As we learned late Friday afternoon, the NYC Marathon was officially cancelled by Mayor Bloomberg and New York Road Runners after tons of controversy. This decision was celebrated by many local residents, but made more than a few thousand runners, especially those who had flown in from far distances and booked hotels, especially upset. And then there were some who were fine with the decision, despite the expense. Here are two accounts from two would-be competitors and a information on an organization that will help runners donate their unused rooms to those in need.

David Noyes, Buffalo NY
What aggravates me is that the mayor could have cancelled this on Wednesday when he was on television. That would have been fine because no one was here yet! Runners weren’t trying to be insensitive, but when the mayor gets on television and tells you that things are going forward and you don’t live in the area, you tend to believe that he knows what’s best. I understand the controversy, but a lot of us had a lot invested in this, too. I was being sponsored and had raised $3,000 in charitable funds for a children’s hospital in Kenya. I spent six-months getting sponsors and now don't know what to do. People have raised over $35 million for charity. So, it wasn’t just “a race”.

I booked my hotel (the Courtyard New York Manhattan Fifth Avenue) through the ING (the marathon organizers) travel agency. It wasn’t cheap. Some people had saved up vacation time for this. I’d booked two nights there, and then Friday we were told the marathon was cancelled! I have one marathon left in me and I’d wanted it to be this one as I've never done it. I doubt I’ll be able to get a refund on the room or be able to change my flight, so my plan right now is to have pizza and beer. I've deprived myself of both for eight months.

Jennifer Murphy, San Francisco
I’d originally planned to come to New York and stay with friends, but they had no water and electricity, so I started looking for hotels. So many had a waiting list. I was able to book the Andaz 5th Avenue for Friday through Sunday. But I did ask them, “Do you need the room?” I could easily have a found a couch to sleep on.
This is not my first marathon, so maybe I’m not as upset as other people are. I mean, how can you be compared to what other people are going through? I am disappointed because the mayor could have cancelled earlier and given people time to cancel their hotel and flight plans. I do think the fee (which ranges from $216 to $347) that marathon participants had to pay New York Road Runners should be donated to the New York victims. Even I was a little hesitant about doing this race. I wondered 'how am I going to feel if people are booing me while I was running?'
My friends and I decided we’re in great shape, we’ll just find another race to do! So my agenda is to have pasta, lots of wine, and be with a lot of good friends.”

HotelChatter Note: Race2recoverNYC is helping runners donate their hotel rooms to those who are still displaced by Hurricane Sandy and need help.

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All in agreement

That Bloomberg should have cancelled the race to begin with. Glad to hear that some runners are donating their hotel rooms too.

Now I know the race was raising money for several charities but it just seemed cold-hearted to run through areas that have been totally destroyed. That said, just because the race was cancelled doesn't mean the money raised doesn't go to those charities right? Oh well, having to eat pizza and beer doesn't seem so bad. Things could be a lot worse.