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Kids Get Sleigh-Delivered DIY Cupcakes At Four Seasons Boston

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We love hotel that make children feel at home when they’re visiting. Many places exude a “don’t touch” aura-- a major turn-off for the toddler-toting set in what’s become an increasingly hostile travel environment for families.

Listen, we get not every hotel will be kid-friendly. We celebrate them, too. But when see that a place like the Four Seasons Boston has not one, but three special programs for little tykes, we can’t help but give them major props.

From in-room cupcakes, and free cookie-making classes, to “raid-the-fridge” days, who said luxury hotels were snooty and stuffy? We can’t, not with frosting gluing our lips together.

Decorate Your Own Cupcake
This is for kids (and adults, too, let's face it). Upon check-in reservations will see who is on the Kid-Kation package (though in the spirit of the holiday, all little guests will receive the amenity). Though this is a year-round gift, for the winter, your plain vanilla and chocolate cupcake will arrive by sleigh. In the back are pipettes of frosting, sprinkles, and more, which you can decorate (and then eat) to your heart’s delight.

Raid the Fridge
Every Saturday night, children staying at the hotel are invited to come down in their pj's and "Raid the Fridge" for an evening snack. From 7-10pm (perfect time for mom and dad to have an alone dinner? Hint, hint?) they’ll join staff and other kids to munch on complimentary homemade cookies from the hotel's pastry shop, sip strawberry or chocolate milk, and even eat "movie theater style" popcorn made fresh from the popcorn machine. They can enjoy these back in their room, or hang out in the kitchen and can color, play with stuffed animals, and or decorate specially made snowflakes and put them up on the wall.

The Kids Passport Program
Children staying at the hotel are invited to participate in the Kids Passport Program. On arrival, they’ll receive an Adventure Map that guides them on a hotel Scavenger Hunt. At each stop, they'll collect stickers for the map. Once the hunt is finished and the map is complete, they return to the front desk for a photo and receive their official Four Seasons Hotel Boston Passport and Stamp. The passports are collector's items to bring back with each stay, with the goal of filling all the pages with stamps.

December rates were rather high at $695 a night, but calmed down to around $445 a night in January.

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