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Hotels That Let You Eat Your After-Dinner Booze

November 29, 2012 at 7:24 PM | by | ()

Wish you could have your cake, and drink it too? Well you’re in luck as we've found hotels that will serve you after-dinner booze for dessert!

That’s right: boozy desserts. This liquor food trend is hitting hotels from east to west. From zany liquor-infused marshmallows to drunken ice cream, choose your poison.

We've found three hotel restaurants sure to keep you merry until the very last bite.

Different Point of View restaurant at Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix serves a unique mash-up of liqueur-infused marshmallows complimentary to any guest buying drinks in the lounge. That’s right- they’re free! But wait, there’s more. The lounge includes a ridiculously swanky outdoor patio with 360 views of downtown Phoenix where a cozy fire pit awaits the roasting, ahem, buzzing. Each hand-made marshmallow features a different liqueur flavor including Bailey’s Irish Cream, Frangelico (hazelnut), Amaretto (almond) and Kahlua (coffee) and comes with a variety of dipping sauces like caramel or vanilla cream. They're also equipped with long sticks so you don’t burn yourself alive while roasting—but we must say, the taste is acquired. If you like booze, you’ll like these. But be careful roasting as they do drip up a storm and a bib isn't included.

The W Westwood's Nine Thirty restaurant in Los Angeles regularly features hand-made liquor-laced ice cream for dessert from the Drunken Udder company. This alcohol-infused ice cream comes in a variety of flavors from Bailey’s Jameson Caramel, Pumpkin Spiced Praline-Maple Liqueur to Raspberry-Orange Sorbet (Orange Vodka)to name a few. The taste of alcohol, wine or beer can be infused into the mix. And this is no novelty folks. You can really taste the liquor.

Each flavor contains 9-12% ABV. That’s at least twice as much alcohol as a Pilsner!

The Setai in Miami serves a Banana & Rum dessert with coconut sorbet that is a welcome change from the typical Bananas Foster. This dessert features gianduja crunch, light cream with rum, banana and coconut sorbet. Breathalyzer anyone? And they’ll soon be updating their dessert menu with an all new St. James Baba Rum cake with whipped cream with Tahitian bourbon vanilla bean ice cream. Good thing you can head straight to your room after.

[Photo: W Westwood]

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Another Informative Article

Another Informative Article by my favorite travel-writer!  Alison Widdoes, I love where you take me!  Looking forward to the Setai in Miami.  Thanks for the tip!