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A Hershey Kiss, Or A Pound Of Cocaine? Take Your Pick at Crowne Plaza Times Square

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November 27, 2012 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

NYPD cops made the bust of a lifetime last month, when 104lbs of cocaine was seized from traffickers who were staying at the Crowne Plaza Times Square (aka the hotel that sits on top of the Hershey's Store.)

The hotel's flashy facade and central location was likely seen by the traffickers as an advantage: what better than sugar-crazed tourists bustling around a Times Square hotel to throw the cops off your scent?

Except the cops were very much onto their scent.

The NY Post reports that cops had been parked outside the hotel, waiting for the traffickers to make their move. Sure enough, on October 25 at around 6pm, the first man exited the hotel, wheeling a suitcase packed with 30lbs of pure cocaine, which he then lifted into a silver BMW. And then another guy came out with an 8lb suitcase. And then another, with 66lbs. We're telling you, it was a real cocaine suitcase factory line down there last month!

By the end of it, six men ended up behind bars, with cops apprehending a reported $5 million worth of white powder in just under an hour.

Of course, the Crowne Plaza should be thankful that the incident was so clean and efficient. Nobody cooking up meth in one of the suites. No drugged-up guests running around naked and ripping art off the walls.

In fact, as far as drug-related hotel crime goes, this drug bust almost borders on anti-climactic. Where are the high-speed chases? Where are the giant 104 pound Hershey's kisses being used as decoys? Where are the mattresses stuffed with cocaine?

We expected more from you, Times Square.

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