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Doomsday's Coming! Which Hotels Help You Go Out In Style?

November 29, 2012 at 4:09 PM | by | ()

According to the Mayan Long-Count Calendar time is no longer measured after December 21, meaning that the world might just end on this day since there is no December 22nd. Just about 13 years ago, have heard this all before with Y2K, but that was before HotelChatter and now we can present some of best packages for spending your last day as a mortal.

Spending your last few days on earth might be better spent in the lap of luxury and some of these hotel packages are doozies. Geographically and historically speaking, it makes sense count down the last hours in Mexico and Central America, but we have also found a few that a bit closer to home. And just think, if December 22nd does happen, you get to brag about your digs on your vacation.

Let's start south of the border:

·Recently re-opened, eco-lodge Belcampo is offering a stay in the rainforest canopy, Punta Gorda. Five-day packages includes an archaeological dig, forest foraging, cacao picking, and rum tasting.

·Banyan Tree Mayakoba is treating guests to a bit of luxury to ring in the new year with a five-course meal, live Mayan performances and a fireworks display.

·Sandos Caracol Eco Resort is taking the all-inclusive to real with traditional Mayan meals, performances and native coffee demonstrations. Use of a traditional temazcal, or sweat lodge, bike tours to neighboring Xcalacoco archaeological digs and spa treatments are part of the package.

Sandos Caracol pool

·Riviera Maya's Rosewood Mayakoba offers 2 different packages. First; spa treatments, special tasting-menus coupled with traditional music and dance along side educational seminars for $6,900. The ultimate New Beginnings package starts with a private helicopter ride to an archaeological dig. After the dig, return back to the presidential suite and dinner on the beach. You'll also have the opportunity to have a spiritual cleansing with a Shaman priest for $79,000 per couple.

·Also in Mexico, the private villas of Cuixmala offers a week-long yoga retreat if you need to relax before the world ends. After a little relaxation and centering, a bash on the beach ringing in the Mayan new year.

·Azul Beach Hotel, Azul Sensatori Hotel & Azul Fives Hotel in Riviera Maya, is more for the children that are fascinated with the new year. The resorts offer children's cooking classes using authentic Mayan ingredients and educational workshops to explain the numbering system.

·Mahekal Beach Resort celebrates the awakening to the 'new era' with spa treatments as visit to Cobá, an authentic Mayan village and a cenote, an underwater sinkhole. The package includes a lecture on the New Year and a special Mayan gift.

·JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa is offering guests an exploration adventure of the 1,300 year old city, Chichen Itza, archaeological remains followed by couples massages using Mayan inspired techniques.

JW Marriott-Cancun Pool

If you just don't want to head south for the end of the world, check these places out in the States:

·Hotel Lucia in Portland will offer a package that includes a bridge-bungee jumping adventure at night on Dec 21st. This is a 200ft leap of faith from the highest point in the US.

·Hotel Max in Seattle will allow guests live out their rock 'n roll dreams with a session in a recording studio to record a CD, before heading out to enjoy some live music at the Triple Door.

·The Keating in San Diego offers the 'End of the World' package will offer survival tips and a last-chance relaxation. Fitness classes for gearing up to outrun zombies and a 'last supper' are all on hand. At a precarious starting price of $666.

·Denver's The Curtis Hotel is hosting a 'Party Like There's No To-Maya'. In the heart of downtown you can rent out an entire floor of rooms for you and 25 other friends. The hotel provides the tattoo artist and in-room Doomsday kits with gas masks, anti-radiation tablets and freeze-dried food.

The Curtis lobby before the end of the world

·Hotel Palomar, Philadelphia partnered with the neighboring Penn Museum to provide guests with VIP tickets to the 'Maya 2012 - Lords of Times' exhibition and, ironically, late check-out the next morning. (If it's needed)

Where ever you ring in the Mayan New Year, just make sure you are prepared for anything since anything can happen. There are only three weeks left; where will you be?

[Photo: JW Marriott,Sandos Caracol Eco Resort & Spa,The Curtis]

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