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The Hottest GM, Round Two: Miami

November 28, 2012 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

UPDATE: Voting has now closed for the individual categories. Head over here to pick your favorite from the four finalists, and help us name the world's hottest GM!

This week, we're taking some time to highlight the world's hottest hotel General Managers. Why, you ask? Because there are some seriously sweet GMs out there, and we feel it's our duty to give them the love and attention they deserve. Well, not in that way...but, er, you get the idea.

Here's how it works: each day, we'll present a selection of handsome GMs for you to ogle. Pick out your favorite by voting in the comments, or send us an email. At the end of the week, we'll tally the votes and come up with four finalists from four categories (NYC, Miami, California and International). Then, we'll narrow it down even further and ask you to help us pick the single hottest GM in the world. The competition is fierce, and the polls are officially open.

Are you ready to vote?

Yesterday, we saw some worthy contenders from the Big Apple. And now today, it's onto...Round Two: Miami.


· Name: Sase Gjorsovski

· Hotel: Acqualina Resort & Spa

· What's special about him? Prior to his arrival at Acqualina, Sase spent years batting for Morgans Hotel Group, where he helped open Hudson Hotel, Clift San Francisco and St. Martins Lane, and also managed The Delano's old restaurant, The Blue Door.

· Why we dig the hotel: After Rosewood moved out in 2007, this ultra-posh resort still keeps things real—and those views are hard to beat.

· Verdict: We like a man who gets the job done. Hot.


· Name: Erin Hosler

· Hotel: B South Beach (set to open spring 2013)

· What's special about her? Before signing on with B, Erin spent eight years at The Delano, where she received the following praise from Ocean Drive magazine: "Erin can turn your reservation into a key to the city, ensuring you are always welcome beyond the velvet ropes and never need to drop a name."

· Why we dig the hotel: The one-lettered "B" brand took over the former Continental Oceanfront South Beach Hotel, a Morris Lapidus-designed property, last year, and we can't wait for the final reveal. Free WiFi? Affordable rates? A B-branded spa? Yes to all three!

· Verdict: Velvet ropes are hot. And so is Erin.


· Name: Joe Lafleur

· Hotel: Cadillac Hotel Courtyard Miami

· What's special about him? Luckily for the hotel (and the guests), Joe doesn't just coast by on his looks alone—but they certainly help. Since moving from Massachusetts, this Miami transplant spends his time off fully immersing himself in the local culture, ie, tanning at the beach.

· Why we dig the hotel: Though it's a little far removed from the main action on Collins Ave, this Courtyard by Marriott-owned relic offers beachfront views, affordable rates, and is neighbors with Carrabba's Italian Grill, which makes awesome chicken parm sandwiches.

· Verdict: Hotter than an otter in the water.


· Name: Oscar Mortorell

· Hotel: Gale South Beach & Regent Hotel (set to open Dec 4)

· What's special about him? Also a former Delano employee, this handsome Spaniard started off as a mere bellman. And look at him now! Not only is Oscar set to be the official GM for Gale South Beach & Regent when it opens next week, but he's also GM for Menin's other hotels, The Sanctuary and The Bentley, elevating him to the position of "Regional GM" for Menin Hotels.

· Why we dig the hotel: Um, did you see that 5,000 sq ft rooftop pool deck we photographed last week? Enough said.

· Verdict: Fancy titles make hot GMs even hotter.


· Name: Sean McKeen

· Hotel: The Surfcomber

· What's special about him? Sean stepped in just as the Surfcomber was becoming a Kimpton-ized last year—and as far as we can tell, that transition was a smooth one.

· Why we dig the hotel: The Kimpton-ization has rubbed us the right way: a southeast Asian street-food-inspiredfarm animal-inspired social media strategy, complete with moveable cow sculptures.

· Verdict: Nothing like a smooth operator to get our hormones racing!

Ready to vote? Just drop a name in the comments below, or send us an email! The world is only big enough for one Hottest GM—and it's up to you to decide!

[Photo: HotelChatter; inset, eBay]

Archived Comments:



Hottest Miami GM

Both Erin and Sase are Hot Hot Hot!  If I can only vote for one then I have to say Erin!  But really can't I vote for a hot female GM and a hot mail GM?  Please?

Team Joe!

Joe L all the way!

Still Repping for the gals..

let's go Erin!

Sase of Course!

He is not only a HOT GM but a great GM & guy all around! Vote for Sase!




5 Diamonds are Sexy!


Why is there even a contest?! Hands down, best GM who just happened to also be the hottest in the biz!

Joe Lafleur!

Team Joe!

Team Joe

Joe Lafleur!

Not choosing sides...

...or anything, but it certainly seems like Sase is getting a lot of love so far! Keep voting folks, we got two more days to go!

I can't decide!

love Sase!
love Erin!
love Sean!

Erin Hosler

Free wifi and affordable rates!

My vote goes to Oscar Mortorell

Thanks for Gale property tour this afternoon! :-)

Sase Gjorsovski

Sase all the way!!!




Gotta go against the flow here and with Oscar

Sase Gjorsovski

The best GM!!!

My Vote

Sean. Any guy who is so hot that he distracts the photographer should get a thumbs up.

Oscar Mortorell-WINNER!

Oscar Mortorell!!! He is the ALL AROUND HOTTEST GM in SB!


Gotta vote for Joe!


Come on guys!  You can't even compare.

Oscar Martorell

Another Spaniard win, here we go...good job Oscar..

the hottest GM

Sase the best

Sase Gjorsovski

The best !!!

The Hottest GM, Round Two: Miami

Joe LaFleur for sure!!

Team Joe

I vote for Joe.

My vote is for Erin

Gotta support the women!

Erin Hosler

My vote's for Erin, the only Miami GM listed. Hot, Hot, Hot!! She'll B Turning Heads when B South Beach opens.

Oscar Martorell

My vote to the BEST GM on Miami Beach, Oscar Martorell! He's the best PR person for Miami Beach and the Hotel!  Go for it, Oscar!

erin hosler!!


Oscar Martorell

The Big O for many reasons. Vamos espana!