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Fontainebleau Owner Nearly Dies In Bahamas Helicopter Crash

November 26, 2012 at 9:18 AM | by | ()

Back in 2009, some folks (us included) were wondering whether Fontainebleau owner Jeffrey Soffer would be able to come up with enough cash to hold onto his beloved Miami hotel.

But financial struggles were the last thing on Soffer's mind over Thanksgiving, when a helicopter he was riding in spun viciously out of control, killing one of its passengers, and causing injuries to the rest. According to the NY Daily News, the crash took place in the Bahamas on Thursday, right outside Baker's Bay Gold & Ocean Club, where Soffer and his friends were attempting to spend a relaxing post-Thanksgiving weekend on the beach.

An anonymous resort employee, who, along with all the resort's 180 guests, looked on in horror as the helicopter got tossed around in the wind, gave this account to the Miami Herald:

"They got into an air pocket and it went into a tailspin. It recovered, and then it went into a tailspin again and from there it hit the ground. The tail came off and the cabin just went into a spin and somebody got thrown out."

The man who died, the helicopter's owner, was tossed from the cabin as the helicopter was spinning out of control. Reportedly, Soffer suffered the least injuries, though he was immediately flown back to Miami for treatment at the University of Miami Hospital.

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